NEWS June 24th, 2022

Hi Everybody, it begins today!!!



Extra-bad traffic congestion and this heatwave prompts us to make some changes. For maximum enjoyment in an 80s bus, we need to keep the bus moving. Therefore no stops and no traffic jams.  You may board the bus at 11:00 at Tempelhof Airport, main entrance, Platz der Luftbrücke. Toilets available. The U-Bahn is under construction, there are no elevators, only stairs. 


13:00 (1pm) we will be splitting into two groups. Toilets are available. They are in the same location and still look exactly the same.

You may buy school merchandise from „The Verein“ which sponsors needy students’ class trips and other important stuff not covered the school budget. This is your chance to „give back.“ See merchandise here:

From the tour we immediately head over to the neighboring park for the….


14:00-17:00 (2-5pm) There will be a food truck offering sodas, water, currywurst, fries and falafel sandwiches. To avoid this cost you may bring your own food and drinks, of course! Those of us going to the school dance later, will be leaving around 16:00 (4pm) but you are welcome to stay as long as you like. It’s a public park.


  • Please take a Covid rapid test. We are trusting you to do this for all of us. Common sense behavior.
  • Eat before you get to the dance, please. There is a selection of places listed in this google list and on the attached PDF file.
  • Wear the name tags! You will recognize people but won’t remember their names. Won’t it be great if they’re ALL wearing name tags? I have them printed out for you to put on at the door.
  • no dress code, be comfortable, it’s hot


If you are taking part in any of the touristy excursions and have questions, please email me.


The locations of the dinners may be found on your ticket or here:

All classes are meeting at The Irish Harp Pub after 21:30 (9:30pm) for an „Absacker.“


Brunch at Harnack Haus 

Again, wear a name tag please. Pick them up at the door.

Let’s have a great time!