Hi All,

here just some thoughts of why we’re organizing this event and why we made this website.

In the days of lockdowns and restrictions we all had a time of reflection of what is important in life. Several classes were not able to meet in person and have postponed their reunions to 2022. We know that class of `85 , `86, `87, and class of  `82 ´( their 40th ) are all planning their full reunions in 2022. 

Out of experience there have been friendships of overlapping grades due to skipping grades, failing grades, sport activities, musical productions, or simply hanging out in Schönower park,`Raucherecke´, and all the many parties.

That is why class of ’86 expanded our own reunion into a full blown 1980’s SCHOOLDANCE for ten grades on Friday night of reunion weekend.

On the Saturday, June 25th, it would be great that each grade have their own class get-together in one of the many Restaurants available around Savigny Platz. This would enable that after 11pm schoolmates can meet old friends of the other grades at the many park benches on Savigny platz square, or meet for an  `Absacker´ drink in the many bars available around Savigny platz, ……. all within walking distance. 

This event NEVER has been done before in this scale for ten grades to come together on ONE weekend.

Yes, it sounds intense, but it is possible if we all share the same spirit to make this happen together.

And Yes,  it is true that we are not 17 years old anymore, ….  but for those coming from far away;  …they definitely are coming for a full program of spending a weekend of memories to take back home.

So, we locals should make it possible and welcome them. 

We still are setting up the website and updating it with new developments… Please bear with us.… We are working on it. We need the site in order to gather your reservations and because most of us aren’t on facebook and never want to be.

The event locations are guaranteed. This ONE weekend will happen. Come and join the experience with many surprises.

Please act now, spread the word, especially to those that are offline. Help them with travel arrangements and bookings.

Reach out and support other schoolmates in your local region and bring them along.

We will leave no one behind  !!!

Sign up to our mailing list and place your bookings asap to reserve your space, so we all can come together and have a memorable weekend.

A  blast….. from the past… … a lifetime to last. It’s  going to be great.

written by Manuel Wilhelm, class of 1986

2 thoughts on “WHY have a JFKS reunion in Berlin?”
  1. Dear Manuel,
    Since I may be accompanied by my wife in Berlin during the weekend, which events are limited to class mates only?

    Mark Mecidoglu

    1. Hi Mark, none of the events are limited to classmates. It’s dangerous though, she may see a side of you she’s unfamiliar with 😉

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